Pros and Cons of Clawhammer Banjo Playing

If you’re a banjo participant, chances are you’ve been questioned the issue “Are you a clawhammer or bluegrass person?” much more instances than you can matter. And when you’re new to the banjo world, you may be wanting to know what the variation even is. In this particular blog post, we’ll breakdown both styles of banjo playing, that is clawhammer vs bluegrass and enable you to choose which a single meets your needs.

Clawhammer Vs. Bluegrass: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between clawhammer and bluegrass banjo enjoying is incorporated in the proper-fingers method. Clawhammer participants utilize an up-deciding on motion (hence the label “clawhammer”) when bluegrass gamers make use of a down-picking action. This will give both the styles of banjo playing a very distinct audio and really feel.

If you’re still seeking to choose which type fits your needs, here’s a malfunction of several of the pros and cons of each:

Clawhammer Professionals to take into account:

●Allows for far more creativeness and dynamics with your playing

●Is often regarded as being simpler to discover than bluegrass banjo

●Offers your audio a more “aged-timey” feel


●Can be challenging to try out fast tracks

● Less commonly listened to in modern tunes as bluegrass banjo

Great things about Bluegrass:

●Simpler to engage in fast tracks

●Commonly listened to in modern tunes

●Could be tailored to numerous various genres

The drawbacks to consider

●Tends to be much harder to understand than clawhammer banjo

●Some people discover straight down-picking to get more difficult about the wrist than up-deciding on

●Your songs may possibly shortage some of the dynamics that may be accomplished with clawhammer banjo playing

● Might not have that “older-timey” sound that some individuals are seeking

Bottom line:

Eventually, only it is possible to choose whether or not you want to understand clawhammer or bluegrass banjo taking part in. If you’re in the beginning stages, we advise attempting each designs and seeing which one can feel natural to you personally. Or, better yet, why not find out equally? All things considered, there’s nothing at all halting you becoming a clawhammer/bluegrass crossbreed participant!